There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that one of the best protections against home burglary is a security camera located by your front and/or back door. The more security cameras you have, the better because they send a message to would-be burglars that you are serious about catching them.

Law enforcement officials will tell you that if you have video of a burglar breaking into your house, chances improve by as much as 50% of them getting caught.

There are so many security cameras and systems out there how do you know which one is best for you? In this article we will discuss some of these options to help you decide which one might work best in your situation.

One of the major factors in determining which security camera or camera system might be best for you, may be the cost. As a practical matter, cost plays into everything. If you have unlimited resources, a very expensive camera system with as many security cameras for indoor, outdoor and covering outbuildings etc. as you want may be just your cup of tea. But let’s face it, most people don’t fall under that category.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot get the same protection with less money. Here are some options.

You could do it on your own and make your own surveillance camera system buying products here and there. A couple of thoughts about this. First of all, the components may not be compatible so you have that to worry about. And secondly, usually when you bundle components together you’re able to get a better deal from one place.

You can buy an inexpensive camera system. I have seen them for as little as $400 for four channels and a DVR-not bad! Four channels would give you coverage at your front and back door and maybe a side yard and your external garage.

Another thought is to use fake security cameras. They are considerably less expensive than the real thing and of course do not record or view anything. They are so realistic these days that no one can really tell the difference, except you when you think back to how much you paid for it.

Another thought is to mix some fake and some real ones to give you broader coverage and give the view from street level so that you have the whole house covered.

Whatever you do, improve your home security by getting some home security cameras or a combination of those with some fake cameras. It will go a long way towards preventing a home burglary.