With the advancement of technology, the human race is building big mansions and huge shopping malls, etc. We do not ever consider how many details need to be taken care of behind these projects. Starting from the architectural design to each and every fire exit, everything needs special attention. One of the most important points to be considered for these building projects is the slippery floor. Slippery floors can be very dangerous.

If you visit a supermall you will see most of them have those slippery floors and you need to be extremely cautious about treading on them. Especially children and older people are more prone to slipping and falling on such surfaces. To avoid accidents due to slip and fall, the supermalls should take precaution and use anti slip floor coating.

Let us see some details over anti slip floor coating. Epoxy on slip coating is one of the best ways to prevent falls caused due to slippery surfaces. This is a paint that is easy to apply and available in different colors too. It can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

There are some limitations too for using these anti slip floor coatings. If the surface on which you are applying it has the tendency to accept rising moisture then this coating will be spoiled. Again if the surrounding relative humidity is over 75% at application time then also some problems may appear. The same thing can happen in places having temperatures less than ten degree centigrade.

Two methods for anti slip floor coating:

1) The coating is applied in steps so that the original floor is no longer viewable. Mainly quartz aggregate is used. It should be taken care of so that there is no lump of aggregate left after the application. After application the floor should be left to dry up. After that the loose aggregate over the surface needs to be removed. If some of these loose parts cannot be moved it needs to be ensured that it gets blended with the surface.

2) This method uses a self-leveling layer as the first coat and then the aggregates are scattered onto it. After this another layer of coating is required as the final touch.

Hence the supermalls can be places where everyone can go around freely and safely if the mall management just takes small but significant actions towards using an anti slip floor coating.