When it comes to moving into a new home, mice do not really show any preferential treatment to anyone. It does not matter whether you live in a tiny home or a sprawling estate. As long as the mouse sees the place where you live as a good source of food, warmth and shelter, he will happily make himself at home and commence to starting a family. If you suspect that you have a mouse living in your home, it should not be too hard to gather some evidence of it. Although mice do tend to stay hidden from their human hosts as much as possible, they also have a tendency to leave some clues that are rather hard to miss or ignore. Here are a couple of common things to look for that can confirm your suspicions.

Recognize Signs of Unwanted Pests

Mouse droppings. If you see these nasty little markers sitting about on counter tops, bread drawers, or on the floor, connecting the dots is not too difficult. Mice are not very neat. They will leave their droppings wherever they happen to visit.

Do you see any holes chewed in food packages? This is another easy to spot clue. Mice often chew through the packaging of foods like cereals and bread on their way to the mouse buffet. If you see this happening, throw the rest of the package away, and start planning your counter attack. Either of these two bits of evidence should be enough to convince you that there are mice living in your house.

Where Do Mice Hide?

If you have mice in attic spaces, or in the walls, you may never see the mice living in your home, but there is a good chance you will hear them moving about at night. The noise may sound like a tiny feet scurrying about, or a scratching sound from within the walls. This should not be ignored because the mice might be setting up camp in these hard to reach places. Ignoring them will make things worse down the line.

Dealing with Mice in Your House

If you have a serious mouse infestation, you may want to call a mouse removal specialist to deal with your pest problem. For many people though, simply buying a few mouse traps and being diligent about closing off mouse entry points around the house will do the trick. If you find that the mice are more than you can handle, you should go ahead and get some professional help. Dealing with a mouse infestation becomes more complicated if the problem is ignored, so if you notice an increasing amount of sightings or evidence of mice, take action quickly before the mice start breeding in your home and driving up their numbers.