In the hectic lifestyle many of us belonged, we always want instant things simply because the time is only limited in every single day. Being a mom and a full-time office staff, I always want to do things as fast as I could. But when it comes to vacuuming the floor, I spend long hours. Just imagine the mess and the stains my kids and pets created each day. But you can’t blame them. It’s their nature to play and have fun. So, I have no choice but to vacuum the carpet. And while I’m doing so, I noticed that the remaining hairs are still there. Even worse, my vacuum just stopped working! I was really surprised when I received this Miele S4212 from my husband who was based in Europe.

I tried many vacuum cleaners and Miele is different from them. The roller brushes not only sweep the carpet but also remove the remaining hairs on it. It only weighs 10 pounds, which makes it easier to use. Just like me, I know you also hate emptying the canister and maybe you’ve also heard the debate among bagged and bagless vacuums. Well, as bagged type of vacuum, S4212 does not require cleaning. When the dust bag gets full, all you need to do is to throw that away and replace it with a new one. As easy as that! The HEPA filter is a great addition as it can trap 99.97 percent of airborne particles, leaving your carpet as clean as brand new. It is washable so you can reuse it for many years.

When buying unit, it is important to consider its cleaning power. You should definitely choose the one that can handle any type of floor like Miele. If there’s a feature I enjoyed with this unit that would be the fingertip control that allows anyone decide from six power levels including light clean, normal, rinse and heavy. And remember, you can do such thing in just a click of the button. The canister is made up of top quality materials to protect against leaking and sharp objects. Miele is not just designed for carpets. The unit also features extension wands which are definitely perfect for cleaning small spaces like walls, furniture, upholstery and vehicle.

While the price is quite expensive, you will get a 7-year motor warranty when you purchase. This is a win-win investment. There’s nothing to lose here. Miele S4212 is absolutely the ultimate tool many homeowners are waiting for. If I were you, I’ll bid farewell to my old and noisy vacuum and will switch to the powerful cleaning robot. That’s Miele!