You can’t wait to call a plumber if a pipe burst or a leaky appliance begins to develop. Water damage can quickly take its toll. A few simple but crucial plumbing fixes can help you get out of a plumbing crisis quickly.

These are some simple repairs that you can make to reduce damage before the local plumber arrives. These quick fixes may seem insignificant, but they can save you time and prevent more serious damage.

Leaking Pipe

You don’t want any water leaking out of your home, no matter how small the pipe leak may be. Even small drips can lead to big problems. There are many home plumbing tools that can help you quickly fix problems and prevent them from becoming major issues.

No matter what method you choose, turn off the water. Measure the circumference of your leaking pipe.

How to turn off the water

Locate the closest shutoff valve to turn off the water from a leaking pipe. The water supply connection to sinks and toilets is usually located underneath a knob. Access panels are often located on the opposite wall to tubs and showers. To stop water from flowing, simply turn the valve counterclockwise.

You may have to shut off water to your entire house if the leak isn’t located near a shut-off valve. Find the location of your water main, where the city water supply enters your home. You can turn off your water supply to your home by turning a knob or lever on the valve.

The right supplies for repairs

You can temporarily stop the leaking pipes at your local hardware store until they are repaired. An epoxy compound is recommended for iron pipes. Purchase a pipe clamp wrap for copper, PVC, or any other material.

Repair a leaking iron tube: Use epoxy to seal the pipe. The epoxy will temporarily seal the leak.

Repair leaking copper or PVC pipes: Attach the pipe clamp to the leak. You should keep the pressure in place until the pipe is replaced.

These products are temporary fixes only. These products are great for quick fixes but they don’t offer a permanent solution. The only way to fix a plumbing problem permanently is to replace your pipe.

Leaking Pipe Joint

Leaking pipe joints can be more difficult than regular pipe leaks. Leaking pipe joints can be difficult to repair or ineffective due to their angle. There are tools that can be used to quickly fix vexing leaks such as these.

Rubber pipe connectors and repair sleeves are flexible enough for use around leaky joints and to press down on them to push water through the pipe.

Use a rubber pipe connector to repair sleeves. It is important to measure. Make sure rubber pipe connectors fit snugly around the leak. If the rubber connector is wrapped tight enough, it will resist water. However, it won’t hold water for very long. For smaller leakages, repair sleeves are a good option. To hold your rubber wrap in place, attach a clamp to it.

However, the leak can become larger over time. You could use duct tape to supplement these tools in an emergency, but it is only temporary.

Cracked Porcelain

Just like any other item, toilets, bathtubs, and sinks can crack or fall apart. These appliances can sometimes be full of water, unlike everything else. If your toilet’s bottom cracks and floods your bathroom, it is easy to panic. You will want to stop the water from damaging your floor in such cases.

Here is where the plumber’s glue comes in. Apply the plumber’s glue to the leak. It is important to get it in as tight as possible. Plumber’s glue is naturally water-resistant so it should last for a long time. Once you have squeezed as much of the putty as possible, you can apply caulk over it. Although the caulk acts as a secondary seal, it will last longer than a plumber’s putty. However, it will be difficult to apply without the putty. The caulk and putty won’t last forever so make sure to replace your toilet, sink, or tub soon.

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