There is hardly anything as despicable and disgusting as seeing cockroaches at your home. Sometimes, it becomes irritating if all your tricks and activities fail to keep roaches out of your home permanently. Find out certain reasons why they enter your home, and how to prevent this common pest from entering your home. Here is how.

What Place a Cockroach Prefer?

Cockroaches prefer moist, warm and sheltered areas close to food and water. They, apart from these, can also survive in extreme heat and cold places like baker’s ovens and freeze. Mostly bathroom and kitchen are the two places where these pests infest largely. At such place, they find hot and cool moist conditions and nooks and crannies to hide.

Cockroaches can live for a month without food. They can remain alive headless for up to a week. Also they can hold its breath for 45 minutes and can slow down their heart rate. In addition to these, a cockroach has a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates. They are highly survival and have ability to rapidly adapt to changing environment.

Tips To Prevent Cockroaches

You can plan a customized and effective solution to get rid of it. Do the following things:


Sanitation is one of the major concerns to be addressed to get rid of cockroach problem. This means, do a thorough clean-up of your home in order to remove any sources of water, food and excessive clutter that make an ideal place for cockroaches. You need to be careful about certain things such as paper bags, cardboard and garbage that can provide cockroaches with a protected place to live.

Roaches Pesticide Spray

Roaches pesticide sprays, bait traps and gel bait are some effective things for controlling cockroaches if you use them correctly. However, you need to carry out regular maintenance to your house to seal up cracks and holes in walls. If you find any whole or crack, spray cockroach control pesticide into it. This will help you keep roaches under control.

Keep Food Sealed

In order to prevent roaches, keep food in sealed containers. It is a good way to meet your needs. As mentioned above that warm places and water are perfect place for cockroaches, it is important to take care that there are no water leaks.

Pest Control Professionals

On being unable to control cockroaches, take help from professionals. A pest control management expert uses various products and advanced techniques to quickly and effectively prevent cockroaches. They know the sources from where cockroach frequently return. Also they treat even the most severe cockroach infestation.

Some Other Ways

– Conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Continue monitoring cockroaches every week.

– Adopt a basic, non-chemical method of vacuuming. It helps eliminate an enormous amount of cockroaches at one time.

– Do a complete clean-up of your home.

These given techniques are enough to get rid of cockroaches. If you still witness the cockroaches in your home after practicing these ways, consult a professional pest management service provider. It will help you provide permanent solutions.