Now, hang on there a minute. I know you can’t wait to begin with your little bathroom remodeling project. Whether it’s personal, a favor to a friend, or the start of a new business, you can’t just start it out of the blue without even planning on it. Without even a concept! So let’s start with one creative aspect at a time.

Let’s look for the colors first (given that you have already thought of a concept). The concept is very important, okay? It’s the first thing you should consider in any creative endeavor. And bathroom remodeling is a creative endeavor-a very demanding one. I just want to make sure that you understand that part. So, anyway, back to the topic, your bathroom color. Remember this. The color you pick should reflect only your personality. Not your favorite celebrity’s favorite color, not your mom’s favorite color, not your best friend’s favorite color, your personality’s color. That’s the start.

Now, let’s go to the wall designs. Custom designing is good if you want to show off your individuality. If you want to stay “safe,” you can consult home and lifestyle magazines for inspiration. However, I greatly discourage that. Original is always preferable. Those magazine-type designs are just too mainstream. Your bathroom won’t stand out if you conform like that.

This next one may seem trivial, but I’ll introduce it anyway. Ceiling designs. They’re not that important. However, ceiling designing can add its own touch of beauty to your bathroom remodeling. Just make sure it goes along (and well) with your wall design.

It is also important to note that your floor pattern should also go well with your wall pattern. The most common and most advisable material is the tile. When you go to a home depot, you will see racks and racks of tile designs. Make sure that what you choose will not only go along with your wall design, but with your overall concept as well. Ceiling design is optional, but floor designing is as vital as wall designing. Make sure they go together too.

Now, let’s look into fixtures. There are plain ones and there are custom types. If you are going with the custom bathroom remodeling, which I highly believe you are, you’ll need to go with custom-type fixtures. Obviously, the number of your fixtures depend on the size of your bathroom. If you want many fixtures and cram them in a small enough bathroom, that’s your problem. But make sure to leave space for air.

Exciting, right? These are just the creative aspects of bathroom remodeling. For the technical and building aspects, you can consult-or even leave that-with a bathroom remodeling company. A bathroom remodeling company will do all the stuff for you. Now that you have planned on the creative aspect, the building aspect will not be that complicated. Hey, don’t get me wrong. There is still a lot of work ahead of you-more planning, monitoring, and evaluating. But they sure don’t take away the excitement you feel toward remodeling your bathroom into something more awesome. Am I right?