Whole-home remodeling gives homeowners the opportunity to create designs for the entire house that will work together to create a seamless and unified space. This often means taking certain architectural or design elements and reusing them in different ways across a variety of spaces. Some of these elements even extend outside of the home to a porch or patio. Natural stone has become a distinctive and attractive option for homeowners during remodeling. It is frequently used in several different ways.


One of the most popular uses for natural stone during kitchen remodeling is for countertops. The variety of colors and patterns that are available will allow homeowners to choose the exact type of finish that will match the surrounding decor. A kitchen countertop that is made from natural stone will last for decades or longer if sealed properly. The material is quite durable, easy to care for and resistant to damage from everyday use. New cutting techniques are also making it possible to create unusual shapes that can curve or flow with a unique kitchen design.


Natural stone is used in a variety of ways when remodeling bathrooms. It creates a very classical and warm feeling that is not available with most synthetic construction materials. The most basic use is as tiling. Tiles on the walls and floors resist damage from moisture and create a unique surface. The tiles that are used are often carefully chosen to have similar hues and patters so that they create a consistent appearance that is still organic. Another increasingly popular use for natural stone in the bathroom is as an actual fixture. There are sinks, water basins, tubs and vanity countertops available that are all made from materials like granite, marble or travertine.


Homeowners who choose to use natural stone for the floors in a room create a distinctive and elegant space. The durability of the material will prevent damage from furniture, regular use and large gatherings. The surface is normally sealed so that there is little chance of staining throughout the years. Another feature is that certain finishes can effectively distribute natural light from windows or doors throughout the room. This makes the space brighter and more enjoyable during the day.

Outdoor Applications

Natural stone is often used outdoors and in home additions that have access to an outdoor area. Weather, changes in humidity and even changes in temperature have very little effect on tiles or other elements even after decades of exposure. This makes materials like slate or marble perfect for a patio, exterior stairs or a walkway through a garden. A design advantage is that the same materials can be used indoors and outdoors so that there is aesthetic consistency when moving from one room to an outdoor area.