Nearly two-thirds of all American homes have some form of cooling device. Last year, Americans spent over 11 billion dollars keeping their houses cool. When most people call their local HVAC shop it is because they are in trouble. Something broke and they can’t keep their house at a reasonable temperature. The fact of the matter is that air conditioning repair companies shouldn’t just be called when something stops working. Here are three instances when you should consider calling your repairman.

House Is Cooling Too Slowly

If a house is not cooling down fast enough, many people will simply leave the unit running until the desired temperature is reached. In some cases, people will even lower the desired temperature with the hope that it will begin cooling faster. Unfortunately, these are both bad decisions. If a climate control unit is not functioning properly, allowing it to continue to run, or run for longer, simply puts more strain on the system. Instead of ignoring the problem, or turning the temperature even lower, you should call your air conditioning repair company. They can send a technician out to run a diagnostic check on your system. In some cases, companies can even run diagnostics checks remotely if notified of the problem. Many companies also offer free or discounted diagnostics checks.

You Receive A Surprisingly High Monthly Bill

The average American spends nearly $300 a year on central air utilities. Heating and cooling account for roughly 50% of monthly utilities. So if your furnace or central air is not functioning properly, you are going to notice it in your bill long before you notice it in the temperature. If you do notice a spike in your bill and cannot come up with an explanation, you should call your air conditioning repair service. A quick diagnostic test can alert the company to any problems. An inexpensive repair that is causing an energy drain could be costing you big bucks every single month. High utility bills are generally the first symptom of a faulty climate control unit.

You Suffer From Allergies

One in six Americans, or over 50 million people, suffer from hay fever every year. In simple cases, a hypoallergenic air filter can help keep the pollen out of your house. In most cases, however, an off the shelf filter will not do the trick. Your local HVAC company will have plenty of experience dealing with allergies. They will know the best filters and systems to keep allergens out of your house, ensuring that you won’t suffer from congestion at home.

Remember, you shouldn’t only call your local air conditioning repair company when the AC stops working. Call them if your utility bill is too high, your house isn’t cooling down enough, or if your allergies are kicking in and you want some suggestions on filtering the pollen. Their help can keep your climate control system running efficiently for many years to come.