A purchase of hot tub jacuzzi style spa is a major investment in ones lifestyle. A quality American or western made hot tub is a major purchase perhaps ranking third after a house and a car. In order to get the best value for ones money and to be able to enjoy many years of carefree service, it is vital that you have a simple but regular schedule of organized maintenance There are various routine actions you will need to perform, some much more often than others.

I set out below a few ideas for a plan of routine maintenance that one might want care to use as a planning tool for maintaining your very own hot tub.

Daily Routine Maintenance

The maintenance of the water in the hot tub water is the key of the routine daily maintenance activities.

Three primary actions are important for maintaining the water in your Hot Tub in tip-top shape.

First, you should check the sanitizer levels by using hot tub test strips, which are relatively inexpensive and easily available but make sure you buy the right ones for the Sanitizer chemicals that you are using. Using these simple strips, you will be able to tell if you need to add any more chlorine or bromine to the water. I prefer bromine as it is a much weaker chemical than chlorine from which it is derived. Obviously one does need to use the correct strips.

Next, it is important that you check the pH balance of the water in your jacuzzi style hot tub on a regular basis. You will need the chemicals to increase or reduce the PH basically making the water have a higher alkaline or acidic level in order that you can maintain the correct balance.

The you must consider also that where a hot tub is subject to regular use it will accumulate natural body oils, perspiration, and other material that may mark the water line. Routine maintenance will include usual checking for and cleaning any water line so as to ensure that it does not become a permanent stain.

Weekly Routine Maintenance

On a weekly basis, you should consider adding an anti-foaming agent to your hot tub’s water. Foaming bubbles are can very annoying while you are in the water. You should also remove and clean the Hot Tubs filter thoroughly making sure you remove any contamination. This is obviously very important for your hot tub’s long-term efficiency and the water’s cleanliness.

Finally, if you live in an area, which has hard water, then you will need to add an anti-scaling chemical to stop the build-up of calcium deposits on the sides and floor of your hot tub. The calcium can also build up on the sensors of the Hot Tub that regulate and deal with temperature and water flow, which can cause problems later.

Monthly Routine Maintenance

Every so often, it is a good idea to consider adding a water sparkle agent to keep your hot tub looking bright and clear. This is not very critical in the maintenance of your Hot Tub but of course, a pleasing visual appeal of clear water will considerably add to the experience.

Three Monthly Routine Maintenance

Depending on how you use the Hot Tub and the people that actually use it you should fully drain and inspect your hot tub say every three to six months. When you drain it, you should also flush some cold water through after it is empty to make sure all the stale water has been flushed away. When it is empty, you should give it a good wipe down and clean.

Also at the same time, one should clean the filter and inspect the filtration system.

Every 3-6 months (depending on frequency of use), you should of course carefully drain and inspect your hot tub. Give it a good cleaning, wipe down, and of course while it is empty, one should take apart, and clean the filter and the related filtration system at the same time.