Lighting Los Angeles cannot be possible with measures such as power tariff increases. These steps will not aid in lighting Los Angeles; these steps will further increase recession and more electricity shortage would take place. The entire world should change the way it is currently using electricity. They can start by changing their lighting systems as lighting systems is one of the major reasons of wastage of electricity. With the changes in technology and increase in awareness scientists have been able to determine new systems of lighting. An energy efficient lighting should consist of the following elements:

Energy efficient lighting system should be efficient; the CFL form of lighting tends to live time times more than the incandescent ones and the LED ones have a more useful life than CFLs. The brightness provided by 22 watts CFL is as same as the brightness of a100 watts incandescent one. The CFLs 60 to 70% lesser energy than the incandescent ones and LED is well known to perform better than the CFL ones.

Cost: Although the purchasing cost of LEDs and CFLs is more than the incandescent ones but the advantages that a household and business receive from these lights cover up all the costs they have incurred. On the other hand; although the Incandescent ones are lower in cost but these ones tend to increase the cost by providing disadvantages. The CFLs live 10 times longer and uses only 1/3 amount of the power used by incandescent lights.

Reduce pollution: The new lighting systems tend to reduce pollution; this is because they utilize less energy; thus less production of energy is required. When less energy is produced; less fossil fuels are burned and less harmful fumes are released in the air. Thus efficient lighting systems save the health of the common man and the living things in the world. These fumes can cause life taking diseases.

The new lighting systems have the ability to provide a lot of advantages; they are durable, cost effective, energy efficient, keeps the environment clean and tidy. Energy effective lighting means reducing the wastage of energy caused by conservational methods of lighting and even lowering down the amount of money people have to spend on electricity bills. These advantages should be strictly taken into notice and steps should be taken to solve energy crises and help the world in solving economic issues.