1. What is self storage?

Self storage is a fuss free method of storing your own things in a place that is clean and safe and you have the freedom and flexibility to access your items anytime you need and want to.

2. Who is self storage meant for?

Self storage is meant for everyone. Self storage for personal usage allows you to store all your excess things that are not frequently used in a place that is clean and secured, freeing up lots of valuable space in your homes. Self storage for businesses allows you to store business files and documents which may contain sensitive information in a safe environment. Self storage is also relatively cost efficient as compared to other storage methods, allowing you to save quite a fair bit of money.

3. How do I transport my items to the self storage unit?

Depending on each storage company, you may have to arrange for your own transport or some have their in-house movers. Personal transport such as a rental van will ensure that your items arrive safely in the unit and you are able to unload them and store them in a fuss free manner. The walkways are also spaced wide apart to allow unrestricted movement and the large elevators ensure that you are able to complete the move in just 1 trip.

4. Will I be provided with a lock to secure my storage unit?

For security purposes, you will not be provided with a lock. You are required to bring your own lock or purchase one at the storage facility. It is advisable to purchase your own lock outside. Make sure that it is strong and thick enough to prevent any break-ins and make sure that you have duplicate keys to unlock it in the event that you misplace your existing key.

5. What are the different storage unit sizes available?

Storage unit sizes ranges from 2.25 square meters to 18 square meters, allowing you to store practically anything you want to.

6. How do I know what storage size I need?

You will need to plan out what are the items you wish to store and know their dimensions and your method of storage. To maximise space, you should stack them as close as possible and make use of the wall space to hang smaller items.

7. Is insurance included in the rental?

Insurance is not included in the rental price and you are advised to source for your own insurance to cover any losses in the event of accidents like a fire outbreak or theft. Although these cases are rare, it’s better not to take the risk.

8. Is the unit open every day?

You are able to access the unit anytime and any day that you wish to. The storage unit is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but staff will not be around after office hours.

Above are 8 of the most common FAQs about self storage. Self storage is easy, fuss free, cost efficient and time saving. You should consider self storage for your storage solution today!