Nowadays, homeowners need to use security devices such as Surveillance Cameras. There are two reasons why they are installed. The first reason is that they act as a deterrent to burglars and the second reason is that they provide evidence which can help send criminals in jail, that is, if there is a criminal attempt to break inside the property. The installation of security surveillance cameras provides homeowners a peace of mind but because of the cost of such devices, it is important to see to it that you choose the best surveillance camera. This article will discuss the best camera angles for outdoor security surveillance cameras.


Most often, criminals will enter through the door when they attempt to break inside your home. Because of this, the best angle for the camera is one that could capture the entrances and the exits of your home. If you want to easily identify the burglar when they break inside, it is best if you set the Surveillance Cameras close enough but if you want the cameras to record a wider range of vision, then it is best if you do the opposite. You may also try to experiment with the camera positioning until you are satisfied that your house is totally covered.


Burglars have different motives. For this reason, they might want to steal vehicles, too. They can use vehicles to flee and carry other large items. So if you want to know one strategy in positioning your Surveillance Cameras, here’s one tip. You should position your outdoor video surveillance cameras in such a way that it is faced towards the parking area or your garage. Just make sure that the area is well-lit because it helps the camera to get a good read on the vehicle’s license plate.


With regards to lightings, the cameras should never be pointed directly on the door. Studies show that most robberies occur during 10:30 in the evening. During this time, it will surely be dark when the robbery takes place. If the cameras are pointing directly at the door and the burglar happens to exit your house with a light behind him, he’ll just appear as a black form in front of a white light. To solve this, you should take a side-on-view so that the face of the burglar will be illuminated by the light that is behind him.


It’s not going to be easy to position a single camera in order to take all of the factors mentioned earlier into consideration. Therefore, you will need more than just one camera. You need multiple home security surveillance cameras so that no entry point of your home is vulnerable to criminal attacks. This doesn’t mean that you have to cover your entire home with Surveillance Cameras. When installing multiple cameras, don’t forget to position two or three cameras in entry points.