It is important to remember that getting your garden landscaped is not a one-day process. This is something that takes time and evolves over time. One way to do it is to leave it to a professional who can get the landscaping done over a given period of time. However, it is more fun to do this yourself. There will be times when you need the help from a professional though. It is always good to put things down on paper. Some experts advise you to work out a complete plan, but it is difficult to do unless you do this for a living.

It is a good idea to start from a list of ides, things that you want the garden to have. Ideas on shape and structure, kinds of plants you would like to have, color and textures (if you have a clear need for specific ones), play areas for kids and your pets, a patio for your family get-together or entertainments, the amount of clean lawn area you would like to have are some of the things to list down. The size and shape of these areas as well as where exactly you want to locate them can be listed out as first cut ideas.

As you start implementing it, you may spot opportunities to improve your garden landscape by changing the size, shape and structure or even the contents of each area. Colors and textures of the elements in each area could be changed to make a greater impact. The location of the house determines the shadows and winds around the place. That in turn will tell you if a sit out area or the patio makes sense in a particular location in the garden. Some sense of the local weather too will have an impact on such decisions. Local weather conditions will have a much larger impact on the choice of the plants that you plan to use. Maintenance time available is a factor in the design and building up of the landscape. Finally of course, the budget available for the job will be the overall constraint.

Choosing plants and shrubs could be simplified by what grows locally. The advantage is that maintenance of these plants and shrubs will be minimal, and they will draw local birds and insects creating interesting activity in your garden. However, the choices may be a little limited. It then makes sense to look for some trees that are suitable to the weather conditions at the place. This may need referring to dependable books and magazines to find them. The actual layout of the garden will depend on a lot of factors. However, some general layout rules apply.

• The layout design and elements in it should draw your attention to a focal element.

• Curved lines are more interesting than straight lines.

• Terraced layout makes available space appear larger.

• Curved pathways in the garden invite a visitor to walk through it.