Normal everyday homeowners often don’t properly understand the inner-workings of their plumbing, and why would they?! Who needs to know exactly what happens when you flush your toilet, or when you turn on your garbage disposal. It’s not in any way necessary to know, but it can be interesting to learn about!

One topic that seems almost magical to people, is how you can unclog your clogged drain just by pouring in some thick liquid. It’s like a sorcerer’s potion, right?! It has to be!

The truth is actually far from the fantastic idea of magic though. The liquid used by plumbers to unclog drains actually acts very similar to the human digestive system.

Some plumbers, who are very conscious about being “green” and good to the environment, use something called an Environmentally Safe Drain Cleaning Bacterial Enzyme in order to clear your clogged drains.

The word that should ring a bell and remind you of your eighth grade anatomy class is enzyme. Enzymes naturally eat away and digest specific substances. The enzymes in your body digest food as the food moves through your system, and the enzymes in the cleaning solution work to digest any substance that is left in your drain to clog it up.

This enzyme-based cleaning solution used by “green” conscious plumbers does more than just clean out the clogged drains though. The solution can help to maintain drain lines, sewer lines, commercial grease traps, septic systems, and cesspool systems. Even after clearing out the clogged drain, the enzyme-based solution helps to keep your system from clogging up again.

Not all plumbers use this kind of solution, though. When you call a plumber to come fix your clogged drain, make sure to ask them about what type of solution they will be using to complete the cleaning process. You always want to make sure it’s an environmentally safe liquid, and you want to make sure that it has that enzyme base to it so that your plumbing system will continue to stay clear even after they hand you the bill for their work.

Your drains may be clogged with hair, food, soap scum, waste, or any other type of material that can keep the water from flowing freely. Just know that no matter what kind of foreign materials are clogging your drain, if you use an environmentally safe liquid with an enzyme base, you’ll never have a problem unclogging your drain and keeping it clear.