As a public park and playground playing surface, artificial grass is a superlative option due to how harmless it is, as well as its low maintenance and high durability. With the continuous foot traffic that a playground has to endure every day, synthetic turf has many benefits that puts it above natural lawn areas. First of all, artificial grass is indispensable in regions of the world where water use is limited, and is also produced to drain faster then real grass.

Fake grass is highly sustainable, does not accommodate bacteria or germs, and is lead-free and recyclable. Furthermore, synthetic turf utilized for commercial playground surfacing is soft, non-abrasive, and provides both longevity and comfort. It is 100 percent porous, and its design properties eliminate the need for ammonia-absorbing preservatives. Additionally, it leaves no grass stains on clothing, which means less washing.

One of the largest advantages to an artificial grass installation is how it severely decreases lawn maintenance. There is no need to spend money on expensive fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and less time is also taken watering grass areas on a regular basis (and therefore improving commercial water conservation). Synthetics are the smart choice because they do not create lawnmower emissions, and there is no need to cut the grass ever again! Most recreational artificial grass products are highly customizable to any sized area, and offer outstandingly smooth and spongy padded turf surfaces that remain lush and verdant day after day.

Artificial grass can be used in numerous ways:

-Landscaping designs for residential front and backyards

-Landscaping designs for office buildings

-Pet runs

-Golf greens and putting green turf

-Public playgrounds and municipal parks

-Roof decks, verandas and patios

-Commercial childcare play areas

-Public and private school, college and university sport courts

-Hotel, apartment and condominium playground surfacing

Because it is non-allergenic, the grass will not cause any pesky irritations that you and your children will have to endure when visiting the playground on a fun family day out. Artificial grass is engineered for everyone’s welfare and safety, and developed to decrease the unwanted presence of insects, pests and hay fever allergies. Manufactured for the highest level of durability using hard-wearing molecular fibers, synthetic grass products eradicate the painful friction burns that are associated with the conventional playground surface materials made from rubber.

An old-style rubber playground surface absorbs more heat in the summer than artificial turf and, in the winter, rubber becomes hard, brittle and will start to look patchy and uneven. In due course, it splits and cracks into large and harmful sections. Kids may think they’re elegant and graceful when they frolic and gambol in a public park setting, but scientific studies show that children falling from playground apparatus onto traditional rubber playground flooring contributes up to 80 percent of all injuries sustained. Synthetic lawns offer a more forgiving and cushioned recreational area surface that eases an accidental fall. When it comes to your beloved youngsters, nothing is more essential than their safety and well being.