Without the proper application of log stain, your beautiful new home could become a victim to weather and erode, breaking down over time. Just like you would apply a beautiful dark stain to a new wood coffee table to ensure that it lasts forever, you want to apply log stain to your new log cabin to dramatically lengthen its life. It also does a fantastic job of keeping pests and bugs at bay, too.

To start, you will need to completely clean the surface of your log cabin. If your home is new, all it should take is a simple pressure wash and a good brushing to remove any surface level issues. If you have an older log cabin, you might need to actually sand down much of the exterior surface so that the wood is once again porous enough to absorb the stain without any problems.

Secondly, make sure you tape off all the windows so that you don’t accidentally get any log stain on them. Do the same for things like light fixtures or any other areas that are cut between the logs.

The biggest decision you might have to make is which stain to choose. There are actually dozens of varieties of stains available in virtually every possible hue. Make sure you choose wisely, this isn’t a procedure you will want to repeat every year.

Using a paint sprayer, apply the stain evenly over all of the exposed outer wood. Make sure you take your time and apply the stain evenly over the entire exterior of the home.

Once you have sprayed over the home, you will need to back brush it. Back brushing is simply a way to make sure the wood completely absorbs the log stain. Take a paint brush and brush it over the surface to ensure that the wood absorbs it all.

Finally, allow the log stain to dry for one to two days and then apply a second coat to ensure that you got every possible inch of the home.