When you choose, use and store your lawn care products, you have to take care not only that product are well keep and off hand from children but you must know if you can match the uses of certain products and your pet activities.

Lawn Care Products And Pets

The main concern of pet owners are to preserve their pets from potentially toxic substances and products. Pesticide are feared as the most dangerous and it is true but all lawn care products used on a household routine aren’t pesticides. Even for that kind of products some measure can be taken to avoid any accident but actually the best way to avoid undesirable event happen is not to use pesticide as a general rule.

Pets:Exposure to Lawn Care Products

The most usual way pets come into contact with lawn care products and other lawn care household item are via oral (mouth) or by dermal contact (skin).

Pet are very curious and the way the discover the world and maintain relations with it is through their senses, according to the pet type and age, varies the way the contact between the substances and the animal. Puppies are the most exposed to this kind of danger, with their great anxiety to know and taste all but elderly pets can be candidate for this kind of accident, due to their lack of acute sight and inability to smell as good as in their prime time.

Storage places are very important, pet must not enter in the place where you store lawn products, any kind of them, liquid, granules, powder or other,during and after the application, pet must be keep off the place where the product has been applied.

Many lawn care products can not hurt your pet health,as seed or some treatment product to improve their growth, but the quantity is vital to decrease or increase the danger, a innocuous product ingested on a great quantity or mixed with other products are more likely to produce problems like toxicity, a mild intoxication with light clinical signs,most time the contact with a lawn care products don’t pose a major problem but if you don’t have to let you pet to be exposed

Lawn care products are required by many state and local regulation to announce by posting the application of a lawn care product, not by the possible danger of intoxication of the product but as a right ought to every community member to know that lawn care product have been applied.It is recommendable to people and their pets to stay away from area where a lawn care product has been applied till it dries but the simply reason that liquid are more suitable to penetrate by skin,then a dry product decreases its action.

Chemicals And Pets

When we talk about chemicals we must remark that chemicals are really capable of damaging severely people and pets,if you use chemical take all the recommendations above as storage out of the reach of children and pet,use mask during application and avoid to contact frequently with the treated area during the days after application.

If you suffer allergies, take a extra care and visit your doctor prior to use the chemicals.