Southwest area rugs feature unique tones that are eye catching and provide a rustic charm. Their history is significant with designs, textures and weaving techniques dating back over 100 years. Choosing the right rug for your setting can help enhance the look of your room while helping to create the look you’re trying to achieve.

There are a few factors to consider while reviewing rug choices that may help you avoid clashing with the rest of your decor. When blended with other rugs, those featuring a southwestern design often times compliment each other. This is something to consider if you plan on purchasing rugs for different rooms. The great thing about southwestern rugs is how well they stand out and share patterns of rugs near by. When desiring a room with a warm look, try using a rug with subtle colors and soft geometric designs.

Consider the area where you wish to place your rug. The type of rug you want to display should be influenced by the type of flooring in the room. Hardwood floors complement rugs with warm bold colors and designs. Since many rugs are hand woven, the textures will also stand out against the floor. You’ll be wise to consider the room’s setting where you plan on placing your new rug. The wall can be used as a back drop to show off your southwestern rug. There are even rugs that are best used on a wall as an accent to the floor area. It doesn’t matter if the room will be used for dining, games or the gathering of family and friends, this can create a nice warm setting. Consider other pieces of decor that will serve as accent pieces for the rug. There may be certain decor in the room that you want to accent with your choice of rug.

Rugs with a southwest flair complement pottery, stained glass, basketry, sculptures and other Navajo or Native American inspired decor pieces well. While many rugs are made with durable sturdy materials, you may want to think about what kind of foot traffic the rug will endure. Dark bold geometric patterns not only make a statement when you enter in the room, they also make a good choice for those who may experience high foot traffic.

Consider if there is a certain feeling or appearance you wish to achieve in the room? Rugs can also create a spiritual and tranquil feeling to the room. Certain designs featuring popular Native American prints that are great for creating a western cabin or lodge look provide a more entertaining element. Some rugs feature earth tones that give the room a natural look, allowing furniture pieces and accents to fit in nicely. To brighten up a room, try using a southwest rug with vibrant and modern hues.