The wood plank floors are the common type of floors these days. These types of floors can be used as an alternative to solid wood or hardwood flooring. They provide the look of a real wood after installation. They are also cost-effective as compared to solid wood. They are available in different designs and colors, so, you can decorate your home according to your taste and theme.

Advantages of plank floors:

There are numerous advantages of installing plank floors for your home. Some of the advantages are as follows.

1. They are cost-effective as compared to solid wood.

2. They provide a realistic look of a real wood, but in reality they are made up of vinyl material.

3. They are available in countless color options.

4. They are very attractive and make your home look beautiful.

5. They are easy to clean and maintain.

However, one major disadvantage of these types of floors is that they cannot be re-finished. They have a short lifespan as compared to other type of woods. The lifespan of this type of wood depends on the thickness and quality of the wood, usually plank floors last for about 5-8 years after installation.

Different styles and types of plank floors:

There are multiple styles available. Some of the most common plank woods are mentioned below.

Soledo plank:

It is available in 9 different colors. The width of this plank is 4.25″ with a smooth finish.

Pacific Plank:

This is the most luxurious yet economical type of plank. It is also available in 9 different colors. Its width is almost 6″.

Natural Plank:

This is the narrowest type of plank manufactured. Its width is almost 3″. It is available in 6 different colors. This provides a formal look to your floors.

Aberdeen Plank:

This type of plank is also available in 6 different colors. This product is embossed finish and ribbed.

Sonoma plank:

The width of Sonoma is 6″. The best thing about this type of wood flooring is that it gives a feel of hand scraped hardwood flooring.

Remington Plank:

These are available in 4 different colors and are a great alternative to hardwood flooring.

Dakota Plank:

It is available in 6 different colors and has a width of about 6″.

Montana Plank:

It offers 8 different styles of flooring. It is 7.24″ wide.

Wood Antique:

This type of flooring style has a 10 year commercial warranty and offers 10 different color ranges for the flooring. Its width is 4″.

Moreover, vinyl wood flooring does not require miter saw to complete the cuts, as are required by the wood flooring. The cost of these floors and the various designs available make them ideal to be used in homes. It is very easy to install. If you know the techniques you can also install it by yourself at home.