Reduce your energy bill by installing solar power lights in your garden. The installation of Solar power lights is an extremely simple yet effective way for you to begin to reduce your electric costs.

There is absolutely no electrical wiring required and even on dull days there is sufficient ambient light to recharge the small battery using the solar panel.

During the day, the solar cells that are built into the garden lights absorb the sunlight and recharge the small battery pack contained within each solar garden light. In the evening as the light starts to fade then a special sensor triggers the switch and light begins illuminating the surrounding area.

There will be a few points that you should consider before buying your solar garden lights.

Solar garden lights almost always come with built in light sensors that detects the onset of dusk and dawn and automatically activates the lights. If however you would like to have more control over when the lights are turned on in which case look for ones with a manual override.

You will find that the lights come both as individual self contained units or sets with several lights. The individual lights come with a light sensor, solar panel, battery, and LED. The benefit of installing a set of solar lights where each light is hooked up to one solar panel, is that they can be positioned in the shade providing the panel receives adequate sunlight.

You can easily locate the solar power lights wherever you like, as long as there is sufficient sunlight for the solar power panel. They do not need to be placed near an outside electrical power source.

Installation could not be simpler for many styles of solar garden lights it is as simple as either staking it straight into the ground or attaching it to a post. There is no need for an electrical installer, for excavating trenches, nor for messing with any kind of wiring.

These new solar garden lights can be the ideal alternative for all your patio requirements and they are one of the most popular purchases by homeowners all over the world.