Cleanliness is one way to stay healthy and free from illnesses. That’s true. But of course, the cleanliness should start at home. If you’re reading news, you will notice that there are a lot of health issues in the world today and the government of different nations always warned their constituents to keep the cleanliness. It’s not just about health issues. For the reason that it is programmed in our mind the dirt is like a poison that needs to be avoided. However, no matter how you clean your house, the dirt and other small particles still remained on small surfaces like carpets. And to tell you the truth using enough vacuum is not enough to remove them. What you need to have is a powerful and efficient tool like Hoover Vacuum UH30010COM.

UH30010COM is a bagged type of vacuum cleaner. One of the highlights this tool features is the fingertip controls that lets you decide what type of cleaning to be used. There are several types of cleaning settings that are definitely suitable for different surfaces like stairs and side of the walls.  However the main ingredient this vacuum cleaner has is the HEPA filter the dirt by approximately 99.97 percent. HEPA is designed from asthma and allergy sufferers. Some vacuums have this while others do not. When looking for a vacuum this is the most important feature that you should consider.

Hoover Vacuum UH30010COM has an extraordinary cleaning power as it features excellent rollers that not only remove the dirt but also the remaining hairs on the surface. It also has an extended arm which makes it easier to maneuver. Each arm has a capability to adjust the height of the carpet and pull the dirt on it. There is also a turbo brush truly designed for the carpet edges. This brush does not leave scratches because it’s flexible enough. There is also a path light to see the surface that you’re cleaning.

Clogging and leaking is a normal problem with most vacuum cleaners. This one is different because it includes check-bag indicator that will let you know when the bag is full. In this way, you will know when to replace it. The detachable shoulder strap is also an advantage since you can effortlessly move the machine to whatever direction you want. Plus, you can easily transport the canister once it’s full.

Hoover Vacuum UH30010COM is the outcome of the combined direct air flow and WindTunnel technology. It is made flexible and durable. According to experts, this tool has the capability to last for about twenty years. Being a homeowner, UH30010COM is a must thing to have.